Start A Meeting

Starting an NA meeting is simpler than you might think. Many times you hear the statement, within our meetings, that it only takes two people and a Basic Text to have a meeting. This is the simplicity in our approach to the disease of addiction: one addict helping another.

Narcotics Anonymous has helpful guides and literature for starting a meeting. This includes variations in suggested meeting formats and examples of possible outlines. Most meetings utilize NA "readings" as part of opening and closing each meeting. The MontaNA Region supports all new meetings that start up and can aid you by providing a "Starter Pack" to help get your meeting going. Many of our members support new groups by attending and supporting their meetings and helping them to become familiar with the Narcotics Anonymous service structure.

Our service structure begins and ends with the local groups. In short, groups perform service by being self supporting and paying rent for their meeting place, providing literature within their community and to their members, and some meetings provide coffee/tea for individuals attending meetings.

Groups hold regular business meetings to perform these and other functions. Areas support local groups in carrying the NA message, and groups are encouraged to seek the support of their Areas for any help and support they may need.

There are 8 Areas in the Montana Region of NA. This structure continues through the Fellowship as it reaches from the group to NA World Services. It is this unique structure that has enabled NA to help many addicts find a new way of life, free from active addiction.

All of our current NA literature derives from this service structure, as it continues to support the individual addict in their journey on a new way of life. The MontaNA Region suggests three points of contact when starting your meeting.